This article is for aspiring designers who are still creating a strong introduction to their UX or UI portfolio. You may be struggling with how to summarize who you are and what your skills are on your resume, LinkedIn profile, personal portfolio website or even your social media page.

In this article I am going to share with you 50 examples of proven design portfolio introductions from designer hires from Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Apple, Spotify, Airbnb, and Amazon. Alot of these examples are from portfolio websites and resumes and we will dissect when to use one. I am also going to explain why it is important to have a great portfolio introduction and the basic structure of one.

Why is it important to have a strong design portfolio introduction?

Firstly, this is definitely what a recruiter is going to read and evaluate first as a potential indicator to whether they should hire you. A portfolio introduction that is vague or incorrect about the person or their skills raises red flags and doubt in the recruiter’s mind from the start and sets the tone for the rest of the interaction with your work. A bad first impression could ultimately hurt your chances of landing a dream job.

Secondly, as a designer you need to be able to sell your skills, your passion and your personality well enough for a potential recruiter to buy into you. People see selling as a bad word but it ultimately makes life easier if you know how to do it. When it relates to your design career you will be ask to not only sell or persuade people on your skills, your ideas and leadership. Look at your portfolio introduction as a concise but holistic statement that you want the marketplace to know about you.

I have grouped the examples into three types of design portfolio introductions based on length. Which one to use depends on the platform that the introduction will be on. In certain cases like a resume, it needs to be brief but on your personal website or LinkedIn profile you can stretch it out abit more.

Basic structure of a good portfolio introduction

The key elements of this type of design portfolio introduction answers the following questions:
– Who are you
– What you do
– Where you work
– Which city you are from
– What you are passionate about

There are no hard or fast rules to how to structure your personal portfolio introduction but addressing 2 to 3 of these questions will go a long way. As you will see in the following examples, answering those questions creates a strong first impression for your work.

Let’s get started.

1. Short and punchy intro (6 to 15 words)

Josh Mateo, Spotify
Senior Product Designer at Spotify in New York

Josh Mateo

Will Chan, Facebook
Product Designer at Facebook.

Vera Chen, Facebook
Hello, I’m Vera Chen.
I create Better Experiences for Users/ People

Hiroo Aoyama, Facebook
I’m Hiroo, a product designer. Incoming Product Design Intern at Facebook.

Shelby Lindblad , Facebook
Multi-disciplinary designer in Oakland, CA

Jason Yuan, Apple
Graphic and User Experience designer currently based in Providence.

Sanat Rath, Google
Hi, I’m Sanat. I make word processors delightful at Google Docs.

Sophie Gardner, Google
Product designer, formerly at Google and Palantir.

Wei Huang, Google
I’m Wei, a User Experience designer at Google

Tiffany Wu, Google
Hi! I’m Tiffany Wu, a designer passionate about bridging gaps between people and their goals.

Simon Pan, Amazon
Simon Pan is a Product Designer based in San Francisco.

Christopher Michon, Amazon
Christopher Michon is an Art Director who is designing & illustrating in Seattle.

Tobias Ahlin, Spotify
I design, tinker & teach.

Hold Breton, Spotify
A product designer who values durability, transparency & cadence.

2. Meaty intro (18 to 31 words)

John West, Uber
Hello, I’m John. I’m a Designer in San Francisco & I do UI, UX, branding, animation, packaging and print.

Xiaoxue Zhang , Uber
Currently working at Uber, focusing on Machine Learning and Design System. Previously working as a front-end developer at Tencent for 3 years.

Bre Huang, Uber
I’m Pre, a process-driven product designer and illustrator on a quest to make smart, friendly and impactful experiences for people. Joining Uber Feb 19.

Xiaoxue Zhang , Uber
Currently working at Uber, focusing on Machine Learning and Design System. Previously working as a front-end developer at Tencent for 3 years.

Cas Lemmens, Apple
I’m Cas Lemmens. I design systems. I work as a Human Interface Designer at Apple. Previously Spotify and Hyper Island.

Hailey Cook, Apple
I’m a mission driven designer looking for new opportunities in San Francisco. Check out my work and say hello!

Jesse Chase, Airbnb
Jesse chase is a product designer in san Francisco, currently Sr. Experience Designer at Airbnb.

Keith Ahn, Airbnb
Hi, I’m a designer based in San Francisco. I’m currently a Product Designer at Airbnb. Former Product Designer at Venmo.

Ismael Barry, Airbnb
Product Designer passionate about serving people by solving for their needs and understanding the gravity of those decisions as they Impact our world.

Moneta Ho Kushner, Google
I am creative director and designer from Seattle, passionate about building digital experiences that improve customers’ lives.

Alex Lakas

Alex Lakas, Google
I’m Alex, a product designer at Google. Over a decade of experience focusing on desktop, mobile, social gaming, e-commerce, & early stage product design.

Rahul Jain, Google
I’m a Product designer focused on creating design concepts and experiences that empowers people and solve real-world problems.

Carson Young, Google
Hi! I’m Carson, a digital product designer. Former UX Design Intern at Google. Student at York Sheridan Design.

Abbey Lee, Amazon
Hey Hey,
I’m Abbey
I’m a visual problem solver and user experience designer who has a passion from motion, visual design, human-centred goodness and the outcome.

Angela Bang, Amazon
Meet Angela. Living and working in the intersection of design and tech — still wants to be an astronaut when grown up.

Brian Lee, Spotify
My name is Brian. I am a digital product designer, born in Singapore, based in Stockholm, Sweden. I currently work at Spotify, with a focus on growth and activation.

Tal Midyan, Spotify
Tal is a multidisciplinary designer and creative based in nYC. Currently working at Spotify as Senior Art Director. Here is a collection of projects for different artists and brands.

Andres Arbelaez, Spotify
Hey! I’m Andres.
Incoming Product Designer at Facebook and CoLab Fellow at IDEO. I study Human-Centered Product Design at the University of Maryland.

Amruta Buge, Spotify
Amruta is an Interaction Designer at Google interested in crafting effective design solutions to create meaningful user experiences.

Mohit Gupta, Facebook
A product designer with a focus in user experience, visual and interaction design. Previously at Facebook and Universe. Currently looking for full-time opportunities.

Hailey Cook, Apple
I’m a mission driven designer looking for new opportunities in San Francisco. Check out my work and say hello!

Kathleen Warner, Facebook
Oh hello there, I’m Kathleen.
I’m a product designer who sometimes jumps into frontend. Currently on News Feed at facebook.

Julia Liang , Apple
I’m glad you’re here!
I’m a designer, artist, and activewear enthusiast based in Berkeley. Thank you for taking the time to view my work!

Netta Marshall, Airbnb
Hello stranger, I’m Netta, a digital designer living in San Francisco. Let’s take a look at what I’ve been creating.

Sally Chan, Spotify
Hello! I’m a designer at the intersection of physical and digital products and services. I do that by making connections out of seemingly disparate ideas to create something meaningful for people.

3. Detailed but relevant intro (34 to 70 words)

Andre Salver, Facebook
I’m a strategy-minded product designer, passionate about designing for emerging technologies, developing wide applications for those technologies and bringing them to market. Also a recent graduate of MHCI+D and Product Designer at Facebook.

Nisa Andrews, Uber
I’m an independent decentralised apps designer and product designer at Uber. I’m passionate about solving problems for humans, particularly where physical and digital worlds meet. Peep my work below or learn more about me.

Ben Minard, Apple
My name is Ben Minard and I am a UI/UX designer at Apple Inc, in Cupertino, California. I recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BFA in Graphic Design. Feel free to drop me an email at and check out my work on Dribbble.

Craig Dehner

Craig Dehner, Apple
I’m Craig Dehner, and I help companies enhance their mobile experience through smart UI design and motion. Between working on the Human Interface team at Apple, to cutting edge startups like Airbnb and Lyft, the interfaces I’ve worked on have reached millions.

Eric Lobdell, Airbnb
Bay Area designer passionate about problem solving exposing and building consumer facing products. Currently designing a new typeface, hand-lettering, and collecting vinyl, I’ve poured my heart into many startups and worked at a handful of great companies: Google, MLB, Opera and #M. You can find more of my work on Dribbble. If you’ve got an exciting challenge and you’d like to work together, let’s talk.

Kaiwei Wang, Google
As a designer, I try my best to make sure the design decisions are the results of a human-centred process. I keep learning new tools and trends while telling myself — the user gives the most valuable insights and the team is my strongest backbone.

Kevin Chang, Google
Hey, I’m Kevin
I’m a product designer & engineer with skills and experiences that allow me to take ideas from concept to mock to prototype to production.

Formerly AR & VR at Google Daydream, design at Google Lens, product at BayRu. Computer Science and creative writing at Stanford University.

Yuan Gu, Amazon
Hello, I am Yuan

I am currently a UX Designer at Amazon. I have worked on a variety of projects on different platforms including but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows, etc. The best part of my job is to work the design magic around customer’s needs and seeking the balance between usability and aesthetics. This is a showcase of the projects I’ve worked on and hope you will enjoy it.

Samuel Hoang, Amazon
I am a product designer crafting the future of user experiences for consumer devices and services. This is my portfolio of publicly released work. Many of my current and past projects cannot be included here due to Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Conclusions and takeaways

Feel free to try different portfolio intros. Don’t feel boxed into one format but try what suits you at that point in time. To conclude your design portfolio introduction should answer the following questions:
– Who are you
– What you do
– Where you work
– Which city you are from
– What you are passionate about

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