Hi there! I’ve found some awesome AI plugins for Figma. They’re great for improving your designs and making documentation easier. Give them a try and see how they can make your design work easier!

1. FigGPT

Full power of ChatGPT in Figma. Seamlessly adjust text style, length, and format. Personalize quick actions. Enjoy multilingual support. Experience Magic Populate for effortless design filling. Simplify workflow with global prompt suffix. Bulk edit multiple text layers. Free access with OpenAI’s API key, with option for paid subscription.

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2. AI image generator by Freepik

Create unique AI images effortlessly in Figma with this text-to-image plugin. Simply select a style and craft your design with ease.

Here’s why you’ll love it:
– It’s free: Generate up to 64 AI images daily, with 16 different generations of 4 images each.
– Easy prompting: Access prompt modifiers tailored to your chosen style, simplifying the prompt creation process.

Plugin link

3. QoQo.ai

This versatile plugin offers an array of features to enhance your UX process. From generating user personas and mapping user journeys to structuring information architecture, it covers a wide spectrum of needs. The chat assistant feature provides summaries, while the “How might we” function encourages innovative problem-solving. Affinity mapping helps cluster ideas, while UX copywriting ensures clear and concise messaging. Summarization tools process raw data, and document chat facilitates brainstorming while maintaining data privacy. User interview questions can be quickly generated, and design briefs and discovery questionnaires can be effortlessly created to streamline project requirements gathering.

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4. AI-Powered Font Generator

This free plugin empowers you to discover the ideal font for your project using AI! Leveraging GPT-4 Turbo, you can easily select fonts that perfectly align with your desired aesthetic. This plugin excels with adjectives like classy, modern, sporty, crafty, and more. Enjoy exploring!

Plugin link

5. Aidentic

This plugin serves as an AI design assistant dedicated to enhancing the usability of your interfaces. It analyzes your mockups, offering suggestions for improvements across various elements including text, images, fonts, and color palettes. Once you’ve selected the improvements you desire, it seamlessly applies them directly to your file, streamlining your design process effortlessly.

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