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Visually appealing video content is important to capture the attention of the audience. Creating an engaging video requires a lot of time, effort, and professional editing skills. FocuSee by Gemoo has made it easier for video creators by providing a hassle-free way to create demos, tutorials, sales, promotions, and launching videos.

Using FocuSee, you need to focus on screen recording without worrying about editing as FocuSee automates the process of post-production editing. It automatically tracks cursor movement, applies zoom effects, and adds background to produce professional-looking videos. You can create appealing videos in a short time even if you don’t have extensive editing skills. FocuSee offers the complete workflow of video recording and editing. You can start from scratch and end up with a captivating video that can be shared on social media or downloaded to your local computer.

Initial Setup

A free download of FocuSee is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 10.13+ on the Gemoo’s site: When the download completes, run the setup and continue the installation.

After installation, a setup window appears that allows you to enable the instruments from your computer to record the video including the microphone, camera, and sound. You can also select a recording mode like Full Screen, Window, or Custom to capture the desired area.

Key Features

The below section describes the key features offered by FocuSee.

Auto Pan and Zoom

The FocuSee app provides an auto zoom feature that helps you highlight an important element in the video by zooming it. The app will track your cursor movement and automatically zoom the area where you click. You can adjust the zoom position from 1.0x to 4.0x, or completely disable the auto zoom if not required. You can still adjust the zoom position manually after the recording is completed.

2x Highlighting with Spotlight

You can easily apply the spotlight effect on various parts of your video to highlight the key areas. It is as convenient as selecting the required area and adjusting the spotlight size. This effect helps you elevate the visual impact of your videos.

Capturing Mouse Movement

Using the feature of cursor recording, you can record the movement of your mouse while interacting on the screen. This feature is helpful especially if you are making tutorial videos where the mouse movement is crucial to understand where to click and where to go next.

Various Cursor Styles and Click Effects

You can adjust the cursor size, style, and click effect from the available options. FocuSee offers 8 cursor styles and 3 mouse click effects. This feature allows you to grab the user’s attention by using personalized cursors and mouse-click effects to match your branding styles.

Customized Layouts

You can select a layout for your video that best matches with your needs. You can adjust your selfie video and screen side-by-side, or you can keep your video as an overlay on your screen, or you can capture your screen only without using the webcam.

Diverse Frames and Filters

You can improve the appearance of your videos by applying several camera filters and frames. The look of your video can be customized following your branding styles and product theme.

Presets for Social Media

Different canvas sizes are available to create the video. FocuSee offers the four commonly used sizes including 1:1. 4:3, 16:9, and 9:16. Additionally, you can customize the video size for different social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Selecting a preset saves your time by creating a customized video for the required platform.

Export and Share

Once completed, you can download your video to your local computer, share it with a link, or embed it to your website. You can export your videos in either MP4 or GIF format. To get a shareable link, you will first upload the video to the Gemoo cloud. When it is uploaded, you can either get a sharable link or get the code to embed in your website.

An interesting feature that FocuSee offers is to add interactive elements to your video when you share it on social media. You can insert call-to-action buttons, quizzes, and forms into your videos that will help generate more leads.

Other Features

FocuSee offers several other small features that allow you to make captivating videos.

  • Attractive backgrounds
  • Rounded corners
  • Shadow, inset, and padding
  • Trim, cut, and crop
  • Speed up and down
  • File history and share history

Use Cases

There are several practical use cases where indie hackers, designers, and video makers can use the Focusee app to enhance productivity.

Demo Video

Using FocuSee, you can create demo videos to effectively showcase the features and benefits of your product and services. Recording screen, audio, and webcam makes it easier to explain the product while demoing the product interface. You can enhance your videos using seamless zoom, highlighting the key areas through the spotlight effect and customized cursor styles.

Tutorial Video

By using features of screen recording, zoom-in, and clipping, you can easily make a tutorial video. Auto zoom helps highlight important elements whereas the clipping feature is useful in eliminating the unwanted sections in the video and making it concise.

Marketing Video

With the features being offered in this app you can easily create marketing videos. You can apply specific backgrounds that promote your product. You can use the zoom-in feature to highlight the edges of your product over your competitors. You can share your video with the targeted audience.

Reaction Video

FocuSee allows you to make effective reaction videos by capturing the reactions and responses of the audience when they are experiencing something. The auto zoom helps to automatically focus the exciting moments of the video. The video can be captured using a desired screen size and shared on different platforms so that viewers can enjoy the reaction moments.

Promo Video

Promotional videos can be revamped by auto zoom. This will highlight the key points for the audience. You can also include video clips that have the potential to influence your audience. You can add backgrounds to reflect the interests of your audience.

Pitch Video

A pitch video (a short video presentation) can be easily created through the automated process of FocuSee by using the on-focus screen recording along with auto zoom, mouse movement tracking, and cool backgrounds.

Presentation Video

Using FocuSee, you can create engaging and professional video presentations. By capturing the smooth cursor movement, you can grab the viewer’s attention. Resizing the mouse cursor helps your audience to follow you easily. With the auto zoom feature, you can highlight the important details and boost the audience’s attention.


The app offers one-time purchases for three categories. The most popular is an individual computer plan which will cost you $69.99 only. In this offer, you can only access the app on one computer provided that you will be granted lifetime usage, lifetime free updates, interactive video elements, and 1GB of free cloud storage.

There are team plans available and you can purchase two to five computers at additional cost.


FocuSee is a user-friendly video recording tool with a built-in video editor for Indie Hackers and small startup teams. With FocuSee, you can create professional videos in less than 1/10 of the time, effort, and cost as compared to other tools. The automated process of video editing requires zero input, thus making it easier and faster. For just $69.99, you will get unlimited access to the tool that will handle your complete workflow of screen recording, video editing, exporting, and sharing on social media.

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