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In the age of digitalisation and rapid technological development, AI tools are becoming an integral part of workflows in many industries. UX design is no exception.

Here’s a list of 29 new AI tools to make your work easier and more efficient.

4 AI use cases that will help you become a better UX designer

AI has already become a tool that helps designers create more effective, inclusive, and creative solutions. Let’s look at four uses of AI that will help you become a better UX designer.

1. Use AI to make your work more data-driven

AI can analyse vast data, providing valuable insights into user behaviour. Analytics tools like Google Analytics with AI features or Hotjar can help you figure out how users interact with your product. This will allow you to make informed decisions and improve user experience based on accurate data, not assumptions.

2. Use AI to improve productivity

AI tools can help automate routine tasks. For this purpose, you can use Figma with AI-based plugins to create design layouts automatically. UIzard can automatically convert sketches into prototypes to speed up testing.

3. Use AI for inclusive design

Tools like Accessibility Insights use AI to test the accessibility of your design.

4. Use AI tools to unleash creativity

AI can be your go-to tool for idea generation and creativity. For example, RunwayML allows you to create unique visuals and animations using AI that you can refine.

Now, let’s move directly to the tools.

UX Tools

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  • Uizard is a tool for quick wireframes and prototyping. It easily converts hand-drawn sketches or screenshots into digital versions.
  • Visily — AI-powered wireframing and prototyping tool for rapid idea generation and design.
  • Miro Assist is an in-built AI assistant that helps you research, search for ideas, and visualise them.
  • Neurons — a tool that provides advanced website user behaviour analytics to optimise design.
  • MonkeyLearn — AI-powered sentiment analysis tool for detailed user insights.
  • Galileo AI — a tool to instantly create UI designs with a simple text prompt.
  • Attention Insight — an AI-based tool that provides heat maps and analytics to help UX designers understand what users focus on on a web page.

Research Tools

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  • Chatbase is a valuable tool for creating chatbots and collecting customer dialogue analytics. You can use analytics data to improve the user interaction experience with a client site.
  • Genei is a tool for summarising information and AI-based research. It can systematise user research and produce accurate and clear reports for customers.
  • Writesonic is a suite of tools for research, idea generation, article writing, and marketing materials that uses the fastest and most accurate real-time web search.
  • OpenRead is a tool for searching and analysing various articles and other academic materials. The information you need is searched from over 300 million publications, and trillions of web sources are available for research.
  • Venturefy, a platform for analysing data about startups and businesses, helps you verify business connections and the authenticity of corporate relationships. It is particularly useful for competitor research.

Image Improving Tools

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  • Face26 is a new AI Photo Enhancer with AI-based editing tools. It can significantly improve the quality of a photo or turn it into an animated image.
  • PhotoAI is a tool that allows you to make photos and videos of real people using artificial intelligence. For example, you can create unlimited pictures of one person in different clothes and locations, saving money on photo shoots with professional photographers.
  • Draw3D is a tool for converting any sketch into a photorealistic image. To use it, you simply upload your drawing and evaluate the result.
  • Pixelcut— a tool for high-quality processing of photos and other images. The main functions are background removal, magic eraser and image scaling. You can use the editing tools on the website or install the app on your smartphone.
  • MagicStudio is a tool for editing images and creating visual effects with AI. It allows you to add any object anywhere on the image and describe what you want to see.

Copywriting tools for UX copywriters

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  • Syllaby is a versatile content generator that considers keywords and phrases when writing texts. It can produce a stream of content that can be used in client projects after editing.
  • Jounce — an easy-to-use artificial intelligence-based UX copywriting solution that helps you create professional and compelling content in a few steps.
  • Linkdelta — an excellent tool for improving texts by optimising keywords and phrases.
  • WriteMe — a practical writing assistant that offers ideas and corrects errors.
  • EasyWrite is a tool that helps you turn ideas into content in seconds with the help of AI.

Video Editing Tools

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  • Pictory is a tool for creating engaging videos in minutes with the power of AI. No video editing experience is required. You only need to write a script or text cues for the video.
  • Picsart is a handy tool for editing videos and creating AI animations. It takes about 3 minutes to create a video that is hard to distinguish from a professional one. All the time saved can be used more efficiently.
  • Invideo is a proven tool for creating videos for apps and websites. To create a video, you enter plain text prompts. You enter a topic, and AI in video creates a video with a script, visual effects, subtitles, voiceover, and music.
  •— a handy AI voice generator for video, dubbing, and voiceover videos.
  • Kapwing is an online video editing platform that allows the whole team to participate in the process in real time.

This list represents only a tiny part of the new AI tools that can make your work much more accessible and improve the quality of your tasks.

Use the power of artificial intelligence to make your work more productive and creative!

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