Your users prefer helpful advice to sales pitches. Help them improve their lives! learn from these 3 brands.

There are two ways Saas products use emails for onboarding and engagement!

1. One that respects users by informing them how they can improve their lives.

2. One that sends emails to promote their offerings to improve ones own top line 🥹

Let’s expand on the above. Here’s an analogy of each type.

Type 1: The Helpful Neighbor:

  • This kind of Saas product focuses on truly helping users improve their lives with the product. They send emails like:
  • Tips and tricks: Sharing valuable content on how to get the most out of the product and achieve their goals.
  • Success stories: Showcasing how real users have benefitted from the product, sparking inspiration.
  • Personalized guidance: Sending tailored suggestions based on the user’s specific needs and usage.

Type 2: The Pushy Salesperson

  • This kind of Saas product focuses on bombarding users with emails promoting their latest features and upgrades, hoping to squeeze out more money. They send emails like:
  • “New feature alert!” (Often features nobody asked for)
  • Discounts and deals! (Because guilt-tripping works, right?)
  • Upgrade now! (Before your competitor does!)

Why you prefer Type 1 (The Helpful Neighbor):

  • You, like most people, don’t enjoy feeling pressured to buy things.
  • You’re not interested in hearing about internal product development unless it directly benefits you.
  • You want to see how the product can actually help YOU make your life better, not just fill the company’s pockets.

So, how do you use Emails for new user onboarding?

So, let’s see some example

  1. ADDIDAS — Shortly after signup, Addidas sends a welcome email inviting users to join the community and encourages them to set goals.

2. Strava

Letting users know what to expect before they say ‘Allow’ to Send notifications develops trust with users.

Strava sets expectations and benefits users will have once they opt-in
for notifications.


Todoist, encourages users to take actions against the goals they have set. It also informs them about their recent activities.

It’s all about building trust and focusing on user success, not just boosting the company’s bottom line.

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