Product design isn’t a gamble; it’s a journey shaped by the insights we gather from user research. As designers, we often enter a project with certain assumptions about user needs. But relying solely on assumptions won’t cut it. To craft designs that truly hit the mark, we must validate these assumptions through user research.

The Heart of User Research

Our journey embarks on a profound quest — one that revolves around understanding our users and the challenges they face. This is where the spotlight shines on user research, positioning it at the core of our endeavor. It serves as our unwavering compass, guiding us through the maze of design possibilities. User research consistently uncovers the genuine pain points and aspirations that reside within our audience’s hearts.

For a deeper dive into the world of user research, consider the following invaluable resources:

  1. Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g): NN/g holds a revered position in the realm of user experience (UX) and user research. Their repository boasts a wealth of resources, from enlightening articles to insightful reports and comprehensive training courses. These resources are meticulously tailored to shed light on the zenith of user research best practices. Navigate this treasure trove at
  2. UX Design Institute: The UX Design Institute unfurls an extensive tapestry of knowledge through its Professional Diploma in UX Design. This endeavor thoroughly encompasses the nuances of user research. While the diploma program offers a holistic education, it’s complemented by an array of enlightening articles, engaging webinars, and invaluable resources available on their website. It’s an ideal destination for those embarking on their journey or looking to deepen their insights. Explore their offerings at
  3. Books on User Research: Dive into the written wisdom offered by a selection of highly acclaimed books. Each serves as a guiding light into the principles and practices of user research. Among these literary gems, you’ll find titles like “The User Experience Team of One” by Leah Buley, “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug, and “Just Enough Research” by Erika Hall.

Let’s Get Creative: Ideation

Once we’ve armed ourselves with research insights, it’s time to let the creative juices flow — that’s what ideation is all about. We aim to generate a flurry of ideas that address the issues we’ve uncovered. To achieve this, we pull out all the stops, utilizing a variety of ideation techniques and brainstorming sessions.

Our Toolbox for Ideation

To fuel our ideation process, we rely on a handy toolkit:

  • Empathy Maps: These help us dive deep into users’ emotions and perspectives, providing a better grasp of their world.
  • Personas: Crafting detailed user personas aids in creating relatable characters and designing with real people in mind.
  • User Stories: These laser-focused narratives enable us to tackle specific user needs and scenarios head-on.
  • User Journey Maps: Visual maps help us trace the user’s path through our product, pinpointing key moments for improvement.
  • Problem Statements: Well-crafted problem statements keep us on track, reminding us of the core user need we’re aiming to address.

Bridging Research and Ideation

Research and ideation are like two peas in a pod when it comes to creating stellar product designs. Our research forms a solid foundation upon which our creative ideas take shape. It’s the insights from research that illuminate the path during ideation.

By keeping users at the heart of everything we do and allowing research to guide our creative process, we craft designs that aren’t just visually appealing but also incredibly effective.

The Art of Ideation

During ideation, it’s not about finding the one perfect solution right away. It’s about letting our imagination run wild, exploring every nook and cranny of creative thinking, and breaking free from the constraints of the ordinary.

Quality isn’t our primary focus at this stage — quantity and diversity of ideas are our allies. The more ideas we generate, the better our chances of discovering that one brilliant design solution.

Ideation process during our work with ShopPad team on the onboarding flow for the stand-alone MESA app
Ideation process during our work with ShopPad team on the onboarding flow for the stand-alone MESA app

Wrapping It Up

In the world of product design, research and ideation go hand in hand. Research provides the foundation, and ideation adds the spark. By seamlessly blending these elements, we designers create products that deeply resonate with our audience, delivering truly exceptional experiences.

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