User retention is the continuing use of a product or feature. It’s an important indicator for measuring the success of any digital product. Applying these techniques thoughtfully and consistently can significantly improve your user retention rate.

Community building

Foster a sense of community around your product through social media groups or events where users can connect. It will reinforce a sense of belonging to the same social group for your users and naturally build a bond with your product.

GoPro is one of the brands whose success is mainly due to its community.

Re-engagement campaigns

Target inactive users with re-engagement campaigns that remind them of the value of your product or offer incentives to return. The effectiveness of a re-engagement campaign can vary depending on the nature of your product, but free resource offers and new product services generally perform best.

Effectiveness of different types of re-engagement campaigns. Image by aweber
Skillshare re-engagement email.

Email marketing and push notifications

Use email campaigns to keep users informed about new features, content, or promotions that are relevant to them.

Implement targeted push notifications that are timely, relevant, and personalized to draw users back into the app.

Push notification vs email performance. Image by pushengage
Example of a personalized push notification. Image by vwo

Feedback loops and exit surveys

Create channels for users to easily provide feedback and show that their input is valued and acted upon.

Uber offers “What went wrong?” to collect user feedback about the experience.

For users who decide to leave, conduct exit surveys to understand their reasons and identify areas for improvement.

Question samples for exit survey. Image by HotJar.

Behavioral triggers

Think about the user journey holistically and identify areas where users will need additional help/instructions. Implement behavioral triggers in your communication strategy, such as sending a tutorial email when a user signs up but doesn’t engage with a key feature.

Grammarly email triggered by user behavior. Image by Kevan Lee

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