Discover a curated list of resources and guides to empower designers in building, maintaining, and creating design systems.

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“A design system is a set of standards to manage and scale design. It includes reusable components, design principles and guidelines to achieve consistency and efficiency across a company’s digital products. — Interaction Design Foundation”

Design System Repositories:

Explore renowned open-source systems from leading global companies. Find tools, articles, talks, and everything you need on design systems.

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Design System repositories cover
  1. Design Systems Repo
  2. Hey Design Systems
  3. Design Systems
  4. Design System Checklist
  5. Design Systems Surf
  6. The Design System Guide
  7. Design Systems for Figma

Design System Articles:

This section features comprehensive articles discussing best practices, common challenges, and the pivotal role design systems play in product development.

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Design system articles cover
  1. Design Systems 101
  2. Starting a Design System
  3. Design System Action Plan
  4. Guide to Design Systems
  5. Atomic Classification
  6. 10 Figma Design Systems
  7. From Chaos to Cohesion
  8. Quick Guide for Setting Up a Design System (Figma Edition)
  9. Measuring Design System Success
  10. Adopting Design Systems

Design System Books:

Books to help designers get an in-depth knowledge of design systems and methodologies.

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Design system books cover
  1. Atomic Design by Brad Frost
  2. Design Systems Handbook by Invision
  3. Modular Web Design by Nathan Curtis

Open-Source Design Systems:

Open source design systems from real-life companies to learn and get inspired from.

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  1. Material Design by Google
  2. Atlassian Design System
  3. Fluent Design System by Microsoft
  4. Carbon Design System by IBM
  5. Wise Design System by Wise
  6. Lighting Design System by Salesforce
  7. Rayna UI by Rayna
  8. Spectrum by Adobe
  9. UK Design System

Design System Youtube Channels

Watch and understand design systems through YouTube channels.

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Design system youtube channels
  1. Dan Mall
  2. Figma
  3. Into Design Systems
  4. Design Course

Design System Designers and Communities

Connect with influential designers and communities shaping the design system landscape.

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  1. Dan Mall
  2. Nathan Curtis
  3. Into Design Systems (Community)
  4. Design Systems with Ebi (Community)
  5. Sil Bormüller

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