It’s What You Do That Counts, Not What Your Job Title Says

But wait, I’m a UX Writer. No, I’m a Content Strategist. Hang on a minute, but I thought I was also a Content Designer.

Sounds all too familiar. Right? We’ve all been there. Staring at the sun, questioning what our job titles are or should be. I know I have.

While in the labyrinth of job titles, where the distinction between a UX Writer, Content Designer, and Content Strategist may seem like a blur, it can be easy to lose focus. To forget the shared mission that unites us all in the great game that is user experience.

So, before we delve deep, let’s explore the mission that binds us together.

Solving user problems

Having worked in product and design, I’ve realised that job titles don’t matter. What matters is what you do in your position that counts. It’s about the impact you are making and the value you are bringing.

And having been a Content Designer, Product Manager, and Head of UX, the essence of our mission, our job remains the same: to solve user problems. To solve real user problems, to be more specific.

Our shared mission acts as a compass, guiding us towards a common goal.

Shared mission

Whether you wield the power of language as a Content Designer, shape microcopy as a UX Writer, or develop frameworks as a Content Strategist, the goal remains consistent: crafting a simpler, easy-to-use, and more accessible digital landscape. We all want to improve the overall user experience.

The dance of design

The magic that unfolds when language and design converge is a testament to both the content and UX disciplines.

Content Designers have a skill for guiding users through the maze of information, while UX Designers shape interfaces to seamlessly align with the crafted language.

Both disciplines walk different paths, utilising their skills collaboratively. The destination is the same — a better user experience.

A community of strengths

We’re a diverse community with different talents and strengths, from research to metadata. Our playground includes content management systems, apps, websites, and more.

And so our commitment to building user-centric experiences defines us, exceeding the constraints of job titles.

I’ve seen UX Writers act as strategic thinkers. Crafting microcopy within the user interface to ensure clarity and user-friendliness.

I’ve seen Content Strategists focus on vision decks, content frameworks, and strategies to guide others in content creation.

I’ve also seen Content Designers serve as the bridge between language and user needs, ensuring content structure enhances the overall experience.

As we reflect on these roles, let’s remember that titles and nuances should not distract us from our shared mission.

Our shared mission is to make the digital world simpler, friendlier, and more accessible for everyone.

The skills essential for success in all user experience roles overlap more than they differ. A Content Designer can write. A UX Writer can be strategic. And Content Strategists can design.

There is no ‘us’ or ‘them,’ only a shared mission that unifies us — a mission to make the digital world simpler, friendlier, and more accessible for everyone.

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