Visionary Approach: Revolutionizing Investment Management

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Discover how Scalable Capital elevates user experience by integrating cutting-edge mobile scanning technology into their mobile application.

Despite the flourishing landscape of fintech startups in recent years, competing against established giants in the banking sector remains a formidable challenge. Founded in December 2014, Scalable Capital embarked on a mission to revolutionize investment banking and portfolio management, adapting it to the demands of our contemporary digital era.

The Vision

Investing and managing assets can be a daunting endeavor for many individuals. Recognizing this, Scalable Capital aimed to alleviate apprehensions and empower users with a deeper understanding of risks. Their vision centered on simplifying investment management like never before, leveraging technology at every juncture of the process. This commitment to technological innovation distinguishes Scalable Capital’s offerings in the market.

Pioneering a technology-driven, data-centric investment approach, Scalable Capital stands as the first and sole investment service to do so. What does this entail? It involves a dedicated team of over 40 experts with diverse financial and technical proficiencies, crafting a service that renders investment management more cost-effective, accessible, and user-friendly. Beyond providing an exemplary online portal for portfolio oversight, Scalable Capital extends its reach with a dedicated iOS mobile application.

The Anyline Solution

Recognizing the inconvenience of manually inputting personal information such as IBANs and passport details during the onboarding process, Scalable Capital sought to integrate technological solutions into this crucial step. Leveraging their existing technological infrastructure, they turned to Anyline for assistance. Consequently, Anyline provided Scalable Capital with a lightning-fast and precise SDK (Software Development Kit) for mobile data capture.

At Scalable Capital, technology underpins every facet of the user journey, commencing with the registration process, where users are prompted to answer targeted questions to refine their service preferences. Subsequently, users seamlessly scan their passports, automating the population of essential personal information.

Yet, the integration of Anyline’s technology doesn’t end there. Scalable Capital’s product also incorporates IBAN scanning functionality. In both instances, optical character recognition accelerates and streamlines the process, minimizing errors and enhancing user experience.

Scalable Capital’s integration of mobile scanning technology exemplifies its commitment to innovation and user-centric design within the fintech sphere.

Key Takeaway

Its integration of mobile scanning technology signifies a pivotal shift in the realm of fintech. By prioritizing user experience and embracing innovative solutions like Anyline’s SDK (Software Development Kit), Scalable Capital has streamlined the onboarding process and enhanced accessibility to investment management. This underscores the importance of leveraging technology to address user needs and drive industry-wide transformation, ultimately empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of finance with ease in our digital age.

For those interested in experiencing the streamlined onboarding process and innovative investment management solutions offered by Scalable Capital, you can utilize this invitation link to create an account and unlock potential savings.

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