You can hire him too for FREE. Please read this article to know how to do it exactly.

Hey there, fellow design enthusiasts! 🎨 I’ve got a little secret I’ve been keeping under wraps for the past year, and guess what? Today’s the day I spill the beans.

So, I did a thing. I hired a full-time lead designer to nitpick every pixel of my UI/UX designs. The best part? It didn’t cost me a dime. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Who’s this magical creature?”

Drumroll, please… 🥁

It’s ChatGPT!

Yep, you heard it right. For the last 12 months, ChatGPT has been my go-to for everything design-related:

  • Peeking over my designs? Check.
  • Sprinkling some magic on my UI? Check.
  • Transforming blah UX copy into wow-worthy words? Double check.
  • Playing detective on UX problems and cooking up solutions? You betcha.

Here’s how we roll:

  1. Snap & Send: I start by taking a screenshot of my UI that’s begging for some love.
  2. The Magic Prompt: I hit up ChatGPT with a special prompt that goes something like, “You’re a Lead Product Designer…” and then I lay it all out — what my product does, what I want to achieve, and what I’m hoping to get advice on

Here is the magic prompt if you are wondering

“You are a Lead Product Designer

You are working on a product [about the product with its functionality or use case]

Tell me all the design changes to achieve the following from this page

1. [the goal you want to achieve]

So you need to provide me following things

1. [what all you want it to suggest and how]”

Example Time!

I will ask ChatGPT to improve the Coming Soon page design of UiPedia

“You are a Lead Product Designer

You are launching your new product UiPedia, which is going to be a library of UI screenshots of websites everything from all internal to external screens.

Tell me all the design changes to achieve following from this coming soon page

  1. Tell if they sign up now they will get access to all beta features + a free guide, you need to suggest what possible free guides will be sensible for prospective customers of UiPedia
  2. They need to give their email ID and the industry they work in, this is so we can gauge if there is demand for that industry

So you need to provide me following things

  1. What free guide will give exponential value to potential customers of this website?
  2. Design & copy changes that need to be done”

And guess what? ChatGPT nails it every single time. It’s like having a design guru by my side, minus the hefty consultancy fees.

Now, you might be thinking, “This is too good to be true.”

But trust me, it’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Just remember, this magic formula works wonders with ChatGPT 4.0

So, there you have it, folks. My secret’s out, and I’m not even mad about it. Why? Because sharing is caring, and I believe in lifting each other up in the design community.

Now, it’s your turn. Give this method a whirl and see how it transforms your design game. And when you do, don’t be shy — drop a comment below with your thoughts, experiences, or even your own design secrets. Let’s keep the conversation going and the design tips flowing!

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