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The new no-code platform for budding game designers

There’s an AI cliche I’m reluctant to use: the dreaded word “game changer”. The only thing that grows faster than AI is its own hype, setting us up for a bubble that Wired calls “The Great Disappointment”. However, in this instance it might be appropriate in a non-figurative sense, because the startup I want to chat with you about today changes how we code games.

It’s a literal game changer. Whether it’s up for the task is yet to be seen; it’s not there yet, but this may be one of those “Get on board early moments”.

So if you’re interested in text-to-code game creation, I recommend you take up the opportunity and get on the waitlist for this intriguing new platform:

Rosebud AI: Build Games at the Speed of Thought. AI Powered Game Development.

Why Rosebud AI is a Game Designer’s Best Friend

  • Zero coding barriers mean anyone can jump into game design.
  • Bring your characters to life with AI-powered animation tools.
  • Customize characters’ looks, traits, and behaviors with advanced AI.
  • Visual Novel Tools: Create narrative-driven games and RPGs with ease.
  • Rosebud AI is expanding into 3D, offering even more creative freedom.

The Mechanics of Rosebud AI: Concept to Code

Rosebud AI stands out with its user-friendly AI Game Creator. Users input their game ideas as text — describing themes, concepts and mechanics. The AI transforms these ideas into tangible game assets, levels, and storylines.

Simple text-to-code: zero barrier game development

What’s compelling is the ease with which complex game development tasks are simplified, making game design accessible to a no-code audience. One of the platform’s most striking features will be the ability to generate game-ready assets, including character sprites, props, clothes, and environments.

This is achieved through advanced AI techniques, including background removal and rescaling, allowing creators to breathe life into their games.

Rosebud AI breaks the boundaries of game development. Animation added with PhotoVibrance. Try it here!

Animation and NPC Enhancement

Animating sprites and empowering Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with AI is another area where Rosebud AI assists non-coders. The platform uses AI-powered tools to create natural, responsive character movements, adding a layer of realism to the gaming experience. Additionally, NPCs are given AI-driven intelligence, reacting dynamically to players and the environment, which significantly enhances the engagement and immersion of the ga​​me.

Thanks to integrated tools like Tokkingheads, animating characters in Rosebud will be as easy as snapping your fingers. Whether you’re using text, audio, or video, your game characters will come alive with personality.

Character Customization and Role-Playing Game Enhancement

Advanced character customization is a touted feature, enabling creators to define AI-generated appearances, traits, and behaviors for their characters.

Furthermore, Rosebud AI extends its prowess to role-playing games (RPGs), offering features like adaptive difficulty and dynamic worlds. Rosebud AI offers free AI-generated game asset packs, which include isometric tiles, pixel characters, and backgrounds to aid quick design.

A Magic Wand for Game Assets

It also includes PixelVibe to accelerate the AI creation of game assets, converting simple text descriptions into detailed, ready-to-use graphic elements. This reduces the time spent on asset creation, which is an invaluable tool for people looking to enhance the visual quality and uniqueness of their games without extensive graphic design skills.

Writing Interactive Visual Novels

For creators interested in narrative-driven gaming, Rosebud AI provides tools for creating interactive visual novels. This is what excites me most. My readers might remember I built 3 interactive novels as Custom GPTs:

The third one is my favourite; it’s a murder mystery that takes place in a noir infused “ArtVerse”, where famous paintings spring to life and walk amongst us (think Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but at the Louvre). It’s actually based on a real short story I wrote many years ago; there’s a mystery you can actually solve, although how you solve it is up to you.

These novels are all available for free in the ChatGPT marketplace now!

Image from Framed for Murder. Animation effects added using PhotoVibrance. Try PhotoVibrance here!

I’m looking forward to Rosebud, which promises to make it easier to tell gamified stories through procedurally generated text and instant visuals.

ChatGPT’s Cool, But Rosebud AI is the Real Game Wizard

I’ve blogged previously about how ChatGPT can be used to code games from little more than a text description, but Rosebud AI is a dedicated platform with all the resources you need in one place. To be honest, it always feels like making ChatGPT perform tricks, as it’s not what it’s designed for, and there’s no sandbox; you’re coding blind. Rosebud a dedicated hub where your text descriptions turn into playable games.

3D Game Development with Rosebud AI

While the platform currently excels in 2D game creation, it’s also gearing up to include 3D game development capabilities. This expansion will allow creators to build more complex and immersive worlds, from towering castles to expansive forests in three-dimensional space, pushing the envelope in what indie game developer​​s can achieve flying solo.

It also offers realistic high-definition, AI-generated skyboxes, thanks to Manyworlds.run, which will make your gaming worlds more immersive.

Pricing: What to Expect

Rosebud AI is currently in beta with limited features. Full pricing details are to be confirmed, but you can join the waiting list for the free trial.

Democratizing Game Development

Rosebud AI caters to both beginners and experienced designers. It’s for anyone with a passion for video games, offering an intuitive, browser-based interface that simplifies the game creation process. The platform aims to democratize coding, making it as accessible as writing a prompt.

Smash open that snowglobe! Animation added with PhotoVibrance. Try it here!

If you’re sitting there with a fantastic game idea, but zero coding skills, or you have the skills, but no resources, Rosebud AI is about to change that. You can start turning your creative gaming ideas into playable realities.

It’s not only for newbies; it’s also for that solo designer who wants a team, but doesn’t have resources. Rosebud streamlines your production without needing to hire an entire coding staff to bring your ideas to fruition. One person can do it all. But you’ll never be short of community on this quest:

Getting Started and Joining the Community

People interested in exploring the capabilities of Rosebud AI can join the platform’s waitlist for exclusive early access. The community aspect is emphasized, with social media channels and Discord groups where creators can share ideas, gain insights, and participate in events.

I hope to see you there. Maybe we’ll collaborate on something special!

Rosebud AI: Build Games at the Speed of Thought. AI Powered Game Development.

Ready Player 2: Your Turn

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on Rosebud AI. Do you see it as a threat or an equalizer in the gaming industry? Are you excited about the possibilities it opens up for budding game developers and enthusiasts alike? Share your views, and let’s discuss the future of game development assisted by AI! 🎮

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