New Year is coming! Everyone is summing up the year, calculating profits, setting plans, and goals for the next year. At this time, it’s helpful to momentarily distract ourselves from the hustle, and the best activity to unwind is laughter.

So we’ve prepared an article featuring a collection of memes for designers and developers that we found funny this year. Some we came up with ourselves, while others we found on different sites and added to our collection because they were simply hilarious. We hope our selection will give you a fantastic boost of good vibes.

  1. The design system sometimes really does look like a spider web.

2. Our design is usually built on extensive research, and sometimes it’s hard to explain this to the client.

3. But why sleep at all?

4. The ability to speak often saves designers and developers, especially when nothing is ready.

5. Remote work starter pack.

6. Sound familiar, designers? When you’re so tired of coming up with ideas that a random set of letters seems like a good one for naming.

7. Oh, just small edits, trust us.

8. This is how poor time management looks like.

9. The eternal dilemma of any designer in web.

10. But still tracked 8 hours anyway.

11. Copyright is not for developers.

12. Web animation is always stressful.

13. The eternal battle between designers and developers.

14. Of course, juniors need more time, but sometimes, middles and others need help too!

15. We hope the user isn’t a professional tester.

16. Marketers, why are you always so cheerful?

17. It’s still fine.

18. What can you do if animation really does make the website more attractive?

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