TimeTrek: Crafting a Time-Travel Experience — UX Case Study

Imagine if you could travel to any time and place on earth.

Discover lost cities, witness historical milestones, or explore tomorrow’s wonders today.

Would you take the leap through time? 🚀⏱️

With this hypothetical concept, I designed an app which could take you to any place or time on Earth.

This was an assignment provided to me so I thought why not make a case study out of it. Even though this idea is imaginary but the process followed here is very real.

So tune in as the concept takes shape in front of you.


To build an experience for the users to discover a time & place and book a time travel trip on the mobile app.


While the app is able to attract users to install the app and browse options, they are not purchasing trips. The company now wants to convert more tourists such as history buffs and adventurers, to explore times and places to travel to that fit within their budget and requirements.

Target user and market

History buffs in our app can dive into richly detailed, authentic experiences of past times. They can access in-depth stories and virtually visit landmark events, satisfying their thirst for historical accuracy and depth. 📜🏰

Adventurers can embrace the thrill of discovery, embarking on virtual expeditions to untrodden historical paths, like ancient ruins or epic battles, for an exhilarating journey beyond the traditional. 🏺⚔️

User Personas

Based on the target users I created these User Personas to identify what are the goals of our users & what are their pain points which can be solved through this app.

Identified use cases

Based on the User Personas I identified several use cases which can be incorporated in the app.

  1. Robust Filtering 🔍
  2. Social Recommendations 💬
  3. Immersive Previews 🎥
  4. Seamless Navigation 🧭
  5. Streamlined Booking ✅
  6. Emergency Support 🆘
  7. Feedback Integration 💡


The offers at the top entice users instantly with exclusive deals, leveraging visual appeal and the allure of discounts to prompt immediate engagement and drive bookings.

Personalized Content: Showcases history-related content, aiming to engage users immediately based on their past behavior.

Curated Experiences: Offers custom recommendations, enhancing the personalized feel and increasing the likelihood of discovery and booking.

Visual Ratings: Includes a star rating system for quick assessment, aiding decision-making.

Time cash: Introduces an element of gamification and provides a quick view of the user’s balance, encouraging in-app purchases and engagement.

Urgency Cues: Features a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency, prompting quick action from the user.

Social Proof: Displays friends who have taken the offer, leveraging social influence to increase the appeal.

Strategy: Capture the user’s interest right from the start with tailored content.

No search bar provided so the user keeps exploring the app. Since nature of the app is so intriguing lack of search bar won’t hinder the experience.


Dynamic Hero Image with Reel Icon
Purpose: To immediately showcase a visually compelling scene with an indication of scrollable dynamic content.
Justification: Captures user attention and suggests interactive content is available.

Location and Time
Purpose: To provide quick context about the featured historical period.
Justification: Sets the scene for the user, grounding them in the time travel experience.

Engagement Icons (Save/Share)
Purpose: To allow users to interact with the content.
Justification: Encourages user engagement, promoting content sharing and personalization.

Filters options:
Time Period
Adventure Type
Price Range

Detail View

Group Visits: Encourages social travel and shared experiences, which can enhance enjoyment and increase bookings.

Discounted Rates: Time-limited offers create urgency and encourage immediate action.

Refer & Earn: Incentivizes users to spread the word, expanding the app’s reach and user base organically.

Warning Note: A clear, cautionary message emphasizes the importance of following the rules, so users don’t alter the history.

Plan Your Trip
Purpose: Directs users to create personalized journeys.
Justification: Empowers users with control over their travel preferences, increasing investment in the experience.

History of Place
Purpose: Offers educational content about destinations.
Justification: Satisfies the intellectual curiosity of history enthusiasts, enhancing the app’s value.

Hear from Travelers
Purpose: Showcases community reviews and stories.
Justification: Provides social proof and credibility, which can influence booking decisions.


User Posts
Purpose: Foster community engagement.
Justification: Sharing experiences builds a connection among users.

Post Timestamp
Purpose: Indicate recency of content.
Justification: Fresh content keeps the community dynamic and current.

Engagement Metrics
Purpose: Show popularity at a glance.
Justification: Encourages user interaction with popular posts.

Strategy: Utilize the power of social influence and trusted opinions to guide decision-making, ensuring choices are informed by reliable and respected sources, enhancing credibility and outcome success.

User Profile

A unique space for you to upload your journey memories and make connections with other explorers.

Booking System

Strategy: Simplify the booking process to convert interest into action, enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates with ease and clarity.


The offers section in the TimeTrek app incentivizes early bookings and referrals, driving customer engagement, fostering community growth, and increasing advance sales, which stabilizes revenue forecasts.

Trip info

Progress Bar
Indicates trip completion percentage.
Motivates users to continue their journey until the end.

Time Remaining
Shows how much virtual time is left.
Helps users manage their in-app experience.

SOS Button
Quick access for help.
Enhances user safety and trust.

End Trip Button
Allows immediate exit.
Gives control over the experience.

Alteration Risk Indicator
Warns about potential impact.
Encourages mindful interaction with history.

Map Visualization
Show routes and landmarks.
Helps users orient themselves quickly.

And finally when the user is about to begin his journey his screen appears like this.

Metrics to be measured

User Acquisition Metrics
New users, acquisition cost, growth rate.
Rationale: Initial user growth is critical for app momentum.

Monetization Metrics
ARPU, revenue growth, in-app purchases (virtual assets).
Rationale: Direct indicators of financial success and sustainability.

Retention Metrics
Retention rate, churn rate,
Rationale: Essential for long-term viability; retained users drive consistent revenue.

Engagement Metrics
DAU, MAU, session length, usage frequency.
Rationale: High engagement is a precursor to retention and monetization.

Conversion Metrics
Free to paid conversion rate, funnel drop-offs.
Rationale: Important for understanding effectiveness of monetization strategies.

How can we mint money?

Data Monetization
Anonymously analyze user data to provide insights to historians and researchers.
Justification: Utilizes the app’s data to contribute to historical knowledge while generating income.

Subscription Access
Monthly/annual subscription for unlimited access to all experiences.
Justification: Provides steady revenue and user commitment.

Dynamic Pricing
Use dynamic pricing for popular time periods during high demand.
Justification: Maximizes profits by leveraging supply-demand economics.

Partnerships and Collaborations
Partner with educational institutions for history courses.
Collaborate with travel agencies for virtual pre-tours.
Justification: Diversifies income sources and markets the product to a wider audience.

Display historical-themed advertisements or sponsored content within the app.
Justification: Additional revenue without compromising the core experience.

Growth Prospects / Improvements

Custom time setting
Set the date and time according to your preference, trip to future option. (Only for Gold Users)

Search functionality could be given when options increase.

Time Travel Achievements and Rewards
Introduce a system where users earn rewards for completing educational milestones or exploring new content.

In-App Purchases
Sell virtual goods, such as historical costumes or artifacts within the app.
Justification: Enhances user experience and offers additional revenue streams.

3D Holographic Projections
Future hardware advancements could allow for 3D holographic displays of historical figures or events right in the user’s living room.

Virtual Reality (VR) Time Travel Experiences
Offer fully immersive VR experiences where users can “walk” through historical events.

Sidebar to have options like create groups, itinerary, trips, virtual stores.


This case study has highlighted the dynamic interplay between user experience design and strategic marketing within the TimeTrek app.

I hope this UX case study is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Feedbacks would be appreciated!

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