I love using Invideo AI to make quick & easy explainer videos, but recommend you don’t buy until June 25th!

Don’t get Invideo AI yet—until you’ve read this post!

A little insider tip to give you the best start in your AI video creation. Get more from your Invideo AI experience this summer with my affiliate-exclusive discounts codes.

My software of choice to make simple youtube videos and reels is Invideo AI. I can take my blog posts and create quick explainer videos in minutes. Here’s one I whipped up in mere minutes for my article on Inside Out 2:

A good video is much more sharable than a long article. And it doesn’t limit your audience to readers; some people like to watch or listen. Additionally, embedding explainer videos to written articles can increase time-on-page.

Quickly Convert Your Best Blog Posts into Engaging Explainer Videos

Using the Invideo custom GPT, I can take any article I’ve written and get it to make a script in seconds summarizing my words. It breaks everything down into scenes, adding music, images and video. It’s all Done-For-You.

Invideo AI has voices to narrate your words with a surprising amount of emotion. Or make a digital clone of your voice from a 30 second snippet!

Think of Invideo as your AI video production assistant. Use chat to rewrite the script, change transitions and select voiceover tones. Or enter editor mode and switch things up—if like me—you want more creative control.

The media it adds are stock footage; the free version includes watermarks (boo!) but you can replace these with your own images (yay!). Here’s a tip: I use my own custom GPT, The Stock Image Synthezier, to take any stock image and instantly recreate my own version. You can thank me later 😉

How to use the Stock Image Synthesizer AI to reinvigorate stale content with fresh visuals

The process is incredibly intuitive; just upload your own images drag and drop. I’ve published a guide to the process, and here’s a quick vid below:

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But it’s a much faster process if you’re content to run with it, and don’t stop to customize. If you prefer the media Invideo AI provides, you can simply subscribe.

Find Your Ideal Invideo Subscription Plan

Here’s a breakdown of Invideo’s subscription plans:

  • Free Plan: Ideal for those new to video creation. It includes 10 minutes per week of AI generation, 10 GB storage, standard media, and allows for 4 exports per month, but you’re stuck with Invideo watermarks.
  • Plus Plan ($20/month, 1 user): Perfect for creators who have already set out on their journey, offering 50 minutes per month of AI generation, 80 iStock credits per month, 100 GB storage, unlimited exports, and 2 voice clones. This plan is billed annually at $240.
  • Max Plan ($48/month, 1 user): The best value for growing and established creators. It includes 200 minutes per month of AI generation, 320 iStock credits, 400 GB of storage, unlimited exports, and up to 5 voice clones. This plan is billed annually at $576.
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Exclusive Summer Discounts: Why You Should Wait

So, if I and 25 million users worldwide recommend Invideo, why am I advising my readers to wait until June 25th? Well, I’ve snagged some exclusive affiliate codes just for you to kick off summer with a bang!

INVIDEO DISCOUNT CODE: Invideo AI Free AI Minutes Offer:

  • Deal: Get 50 free AI minutes to use in the first month of any Invideo AI subscription.
  • Valid: June 25 — July 4
  • Why wait?: See what Invideo’s AI can do. It’s a prime chance to boost your video creation capabilities right from the start.

I also have new affiliate exclusive promo codes for Invideo Studio, which is a bit more intensive and hands on. What’s the difference between Invideo AI and Invideo Studio? InVideo AI simplifies the process with near total AI automation, but Invideo Studio is better for those wanting creative control.

INVIDEO DISCOUNT CODE 2: Invideo Studio Monthly Subscription:

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  • Valid: June 25 — July 4
  • Snap this up because: This allows you to dip your toes into professional-grade video creation with less upfront commitment, perfect if you’re just starting out or scaling up.

INVIDEO DISCOUNT CODE 3: Invideo Studio Annual Subscription:

  • Deal: Save 30% on annual Invideo Studio subscriptions.
  • Valid: June 25 — July 4
  • Why this deal?: If you’re planning to stay awhile, grabbing this annual subscription at a significant discount is a no-brainer.

Try Before You Buy: Start with a Free Trial

Before these deals kick in, why not sign up for a free trial with my affiliate link now? Get a feel for Invideo’s capabilities and see firsthand why it’s my go-to platform for turning articles into engaging videos. By the time the summer promotion starts, you’ll be ready to make the most of Invideo AI.

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