Today we evaluate Otilia Oandelea’s portfolio and UX work. Otilia is a UX & product design intern with 2+ years of experience and finished the Google UX Design Professional course in 2022. Despite being entry level designer, the portfolio is presented really well. I will show what UX recruiters and UX hiring managers look for when evaluating such a portfolio using emojis to indicate my emotions.

– Ensure that the site is easy to navigate and has links for an About page, Contact details and resume/linkedIn
-Use clear project imagery and project headings to help guide recruiters and hiring managers
– A project summary upfront is critical because recruiters do not spend long on a single application among hundreds
– Show before and after screens as your recruiter will not have as much project context as you do about what changed
– Showing quotes from usability test participant is great for qualitative feedback around product satisfaction
– Major bonus points for adding a prototype
– If you do not have results or the project is not launched yet, reflections or “what comes next” are a great way to end a project

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