A curated collection of Notion templates for various product design activities — from user research to usability testing.

User Research

Research question bank

by Maze

Notion database template compiles 350+ ready-to-use questions for rapid research and testing.

Research Question Bank by Maze

Minimal assumption map

by Swiss innovation

The template helps you list assumptions about product design and asks you then how you’ll confirm these assumptions.

Minimal assumption map by Swiss innovation

Product Design

Service blueprint

by Swiss innovation

Use this template to summarize information and know what actions every stakeholder took, what metrics or user research elements validate the blueprint, and what questions and ideas need to be explored further in the next steps.

Design specification template

by Maria Meireles

This template will help to create a shared vision for your team and improve communication with engineers and product managers.

Design specification template by Maria Meireles

Prototyping questions

by Swiss Innovations

This template is based on questions product creators often use when it comes to testing new ideas with customers. These questions work with almost any type of prototype, be it a storyboard, a role-play session, a paper prototype, or a digital one.

Prototyping questions by Swiss Innovations

Impact effort matrix

by Carina

This framework will help you improve your team’s productivity by providing guidance on how to prioritize your projects by defining the impact and effort of your activities.

Impact effort matrix by Carina

Usability Testing

Usability testing report

by Slava Shestopalov 🇺🇦

The template structure is an “inverted pyramid”: the key information tops the page. As a result, non-designers from your team who might see the report will grasp it more easily.

Usability testing report by Slava Shestopalov

Usability testing script

by Slava Shestopalov 🇺🇦

This template structures what a facilitator should say and do throughout a testing session of a digital product or interactive prototype with a user.

Usability testing script by Slava Shestopalov 🇺🇦

Usability testing hub

by Inês Duvergé

In-depth template that includes all testing steps in one place — from recruiting users to reporting results.

Usability testing hub by Inês Duvergé

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