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These are small moments of UX greatness. Perfect for ideas, experiments and inspiration. Plus contextualised with UX psychology.

Here are the most popular from 2023.

1. A literal signature to commit

When signing up to Ahead, you’re asked to interact with a signature box to make a commitment to yourself, to use the app regularly.

Ahead — Boosting commitment

2. Now slowly close your eyes

When starting a meditation, you’ll see a prompt to close your eyes, and then the text will gently blur as the screen closes like an eyelid.

Balance — User delight

3. Your first Airbnb booking

When listing an Airbnb to host, you can choose to only allow experienced guests to take the first reservation.

Airbnb — Reducing anxiety

4. Monzo’s call status

If someone calls you claiming to be from Monzo, you can now check to see if they’re telling the truth or not in the app.

Monzo — Reducing anxiety

5. Weather-based tipping

Uber will prompt you to tip more if it’s raining, with a default amount of 20% pre-selected (higher than normal).

Uber — Increasing purchases

6. Playable game of Snake

Spotify have built a playable game of ‘Snake’, where you eat tracks in your playlist.

Spotify — Interactive easter egg

7. Automatic clipboard purging

When copying your card details, Monzo will automatically purge your clipboard after two minutes.

Monzo — Reducing anxiety

8. Optimised audio for your situation

When joining a meeting, you’ll be asked if you’re in the same room as another participant or not. This automatically configures your audio to avoid an echo.

Around — Boosting ease of set-up

9. Waze’s social proof

By default, you’ll see other Waze users on a map in (near) realtime. This is immediate social proof.

Waze — Social proof

10. Automatically increasing the difficulty

If you get too many answers correct in a row, Duolingo will automatically increase the difficulty.

This helps keep the challenge high enough to be interesting, which is motivating.

Duolingo — Reducing churn

There we go. Enjoy. ✌️

P.S., if you want more, there are hundreds here.

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